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Peace Global General Trading Co

to satisfy a broad spectrum of requirements posed by our clients.

Welcome to Peace General Trading Co., Multi-Dimensional Company

dedicated to providing global services in two primary areas

Our Best Achievement

Number of our completed projects


Activity in HEALTH

P1.Pharmaceuticals(Conform to WHO standards)
Computerized inventory control to assure constant levels of critical items and determine usage, published pharmaceutical manuals of drugs, purposes, and side effects.
P2.Herbal Medicines
P3.Pre-Engineered Hospitals
  • a)Hospitals: (80-100 beds) with wards, private or semi-private rooms.
  • b)Emergency Clinics: (3-4 beds) equipped for immediate care prior to transport to hospital.
  • c)After-care Wellness Facilities: (50-80 beds) with private or semi-private rooms.
  • d)Women and Children Hospitals: (80-100 beds) with wards and semi-private rooms, equipped for diagnostic work-ups, operating room, physicians consultation offices, nurses station, security system, computer system, laundry, kitchen, lounge, general reception area, fresh water system, and power generator.
  • e)Maternity Hospitals :(80-100 beds) with private and semi-private rooms, fully equipped for birthing and post delivery recovery.
  • f)Orphanages: (100 beds) with 6-8 bed wards, configured in single or multiple building modules to accommodate: age and sex of children; health care, diet, learning, recreation and nurturing needs of children; and physical and mental handicaps.
  • g)Doctors’ Offices: Dimensional based on number of physician offices and space required for patient consultation, in-office treatment, nurse’s station and reception area.
  • h)Assisted Living Facilities: (80-100 beds) with private and semi-private rooms, configured in building modules to accommodate adults and seniors who are not able to care for their personal needs.

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