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About Us

Peace General trading is a multi-dimensional company dedicated to providing global services in two primary areas. These include Services and Products.

The diverse nature of these services and products enables Peace General to satisfy a broad spectrum of requirements posed by our clients.
Of importance also is fluency in a client’s language, e.g., as, English, Korean, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, and Turkish.
This ability to communicate in the client’s native language provides them with confidence that their requested services and specifications are fully understood and can be acted upon expeditiously to their complete satisfaction.
The following describes the services and products that are available to interested parties.
ICC has direct contacts with principals, thereby assuring the most favorable prices and delivery schedules.
PGT negotiates contracts on behalf of, or in conjunction with, client to better assure provisions are interpreted properly and clearly understood by both parties.
S5.Community Development

What is Sourcing ?

PGT is highly proficient in sourcing specialized services and products based on client’s specifications, including acquisitions, installation, construction, operations, and training as follows:
  • Air Conditioning & Steel pip for refinery.
  • All kind of construction for
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Waste gasification
  • Vehicles and Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Iron Ores
  • All kind of commodities
  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products
  • Nutrition of Alfa PXP good for diabetes
  • Water Purification Systems & gasification Technologies
  • All kind of spare Parts for Cars and oil field
  • Licensing and representatives
  • Energy technologies, such as power plants from 2KB up To 6000KB

What we do ..!

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